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  • What is the process?
  • How long does the process take?
Contact us or simply hit the "APPLY NOW!" button.  We will work on your behalf to secure a pre-approval immediately.  We will then contact you and may request some documentation required to turn your pre-approval into a full approval.  At that point, we will set up a time to meet with you and look at all the vehicles available to you.  Once you are happy, we are happy!  We'll then do some paperwork and get you driving your new ride!
  • So once I'm approved, how do I get my car?
Every application is different.  Our record from you apply to you driving is an hour but some more complicated applications can take a couple of days.  Rest assured, we will work as hard as possible to make this a quick process for you.
  • What will be the interest rate on my new loan?
Once we have the approval in place, we will arrange a time to meet you at the dealership to find your dream vehicle and drive away that day!
  • How can you say that I'm approved before I even apply?
We deal with a wide variety of banks all depending on your situation.  Rates start as low as ​3.99%.
  • What is in-house financing and do you offer it?
We deal with a wide range of banks depending on your circumstances.  Our mission is to match you up with the best bank and rates for you particular situation.  However, we do have banks that we have made guaranteed approval arrangements with.
  • Why should I use you instead of someone else?
In-house financing is when the dealership lends you the money personally and you pay them every month. The payments you make on your loan will never help your credit as they don't report it to your credit file. See our section "Credit Basics 101" for more details.  Since our job is to help you with your dream vehicle AND help you on your way to better credit, we are proud to say we don't offer in-house financing.
This is our favorite question to answer.  People always believe that getting approved is soley based on their situation and it doesn't matter who they see.  Here's a secret...IT'S NOT!  Our over 13 years of experience gives us the ability and know how to deal with the banks and to get things done right. We are ready to defend you and your credit worthiness.  Why would you ever trust anyone else?
  • Why don't you have any cars on your website?
Simple.  We are not a dealership.  We deal with financing and that's what we are great at.  As for vehicles, we have access to over a thousand vehicles so don't worry, we'll get you exactly what you want.
  • Should I go to the bank first to try to get approved?
  • I've been declined elsewhere.  Should I still apply?
No.  Regardless of credit, you will always be able to get a better interest rate with us over the bank simply for one reason.  When you apply at the bank, it is considered an unsecured loan and becomes riskier to the lender and because of that, they lend the money at a higher rate.  Through us, it is considered a secured loan with the asset being the vehicle you are purchasing.  Secured loans mean better interest rates.  See our section in "Credit Basics 101" for more details.
  • I need a car but can't afford to start payments right now. What should I do?
Of course!  We deal with a full spectrum of lenders and can put you through the proper bank to suite your current situation.
Apply now, we have many deferral programs that you may be able to take advantage of as well as other options to help you until you are able to get back on your feet again.  Remember, applying doesn't have any strings attached.
  • I am a temporary foreign worker.  Can you still help?
No problem at all!
  • I'm currently in Bankruptcy.  Can you still help?
  • I'm in between jobs but need a car.  Should I wait?
Our lenders view bankruptcy as a fresh start.  They love the fact that you have no other financial obligations to deal with anymore.  More importantly, our approval will have a huge impact on reestablishing your credit and getting you back on track to credit bliss.
  • ​​I know someone who needs a car.  Can I send them to you?
Contact us.  We may have options in this case to help you depending on your overall situation.
  • What are your hours?
Absolutely!  A referral is the highest compliment you can give us.  Not only will we get them approved and driving, we'll thank you with $500!
We work by appointments so whenever you are ready, we are ready too!  We try to coincide our hours with when the banks are open to help you more effieciently but are available at your convenience.  So other than Sundays, you can always find us.